September 17, 2020
Public Notice

This is to notify the public that some unscrupulous persons posing themselves as employees/representatives/agents of Nile International Hospital with ulterior motive to earn wrongful gain and/or cheat our clients, charitable communities and unsuspecting members of society, are fraudulently reaching out to people to contribute money to towards settling patients hospital bills, and sending forged invoices to clients demanding for payments. The said fraudulent people are requesting people to deposit money on a certain bank account.


These people are also unauthorizedly using the hospital name, trademark, domain name and logo of Nile International Hospital with a view to tarnish the image and reputation of hospital.  We wish to caution the general public that Nile International Hospital has neither appointed nor authorized any person or agency to offer collect some money for and on behalf of the hospital through emails or any other way or issued any letters to such people to act for and on behalf of the hospital or authorize them to use the name, trademark and logo of Nile International Hospital.


The public in general is advised not to fall prey to such fraudulent activities. Nile International Hospital does not ask, solicit and accept any monies in any form from the members of society except the hospital clients paying for a service received.


For our clients, all the clients invoices are sent only through the official hospital communication channels and all the payments are made to the bank accounts registered in the Hospital names.


Nile International Hospital bears no responsibility for amounts being deposited on the bank accounts provided by such fraudulent individuals.


Take note that Nile International Hospital doesn’t do any campaigns towards settlement of the client’s hospital bills.


Anyone dealing with such unscrupulous persons would be doing so at his / her own risk and Nile International Hospital will not be held responsible for any loss or damage suffered by such persons, directly or indirectly. The company strongly recommends that any person who has been reached out by such fraudulent individuals should not respond to such solicitations.


Should you come across any such fraudulent incident or have any information regarding the above said solicitation, please assist us in taking appropriate action to curb such mala fide activities.  You can report to the nearby police station or contact the hospital at its address and contacts provided below.


You may reach us at: +256-777 956162 / +256-706 202590

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