Testimony from His Hope Uganda

October 5, 2017
Namugojo Shanita (left) with her friend, is one of the many children from His Hope and other parts of Uganda that Nile International Hospital has worked on. Many of them visit our general practitioner but in other cases they are referred to the pediatrician, gynecologist, or even the orthopedics surgeon for further review depending on the case under examination. It is always advisable to visit a doctor in case of child sickness for quick and easy management since children are very susceptible to diseases due to their weak and inexperienced immune systems. So as a wise parent or guardian, it is advisable to take a child for medical checkup at the slightest symptom of disease since some diseases will show or manifest a symptom after serious damage, in this case speed on the side of the parent or guardian is very essential and a good decision has to be made which way to take such a child
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